Just a bunch of shots of an extremely historic area.

South Mountain, the ridgeline in the background of the topmost shot, was a battleground during the Civil War. A few days before Antietam, McLellan and Lee's armies clashed here, with Confederate troops occupying the ridgeline and Union troops charging up from the southeast. A few days before, Lee's armies had forded the Potomac in the vicinity of these pictures. The battle raged over several gaps in the ridge with Union troops losing a major opportunity to deal a body blow to the South. Over 5000 casualties were suffered, a prelude to the bloodiest single-day battle in U.S. history several days later at Antietam, just a few miles over the ridge, where 23,000 casualties were suffered by the two sides. McLellan, after forcing the Confederates to retreat from the ridge that day, missed an opportunity to inflict further defeat to a Confederate unit at Harpers Ferry, which is just past the gaps you see in that first picture, a major strategic blunder that arguably prolonged the war by many months.

Unless otherwise indicated all pictures were taken
with a Nikon D90.

Potomac River at South Mountain Gap - Summer of 2008 (FUJI 9000)

Potomac sunset

Potomac River at South Mountain Gap - May of 2009

Potomac Spring Flooding

Potomac River - Spring Dusk 2009

Potomac River spring dusk

Potomac River at South Mountain Gap - Winter 2007 (FUJI 9000)

Potomac River at South Mountain - Winter 2007

South Mountain Gap from Mullen Hill in VA - May 2009

So. Mountain Gap on the Potomac from Mullen Hill near Lovettsville, VA

South Mountain Gap in the clouds, from Point of Rocks Rd

Power towers in Middletown Valley

So. Mountain Gap from Milltown Rd (VA side of the Potomac)

So. Mountain Gap from Milltown Rd

So. Mountain Gap from MD Rt 17 looking from Southeast to Northwest - the second gap is clearly visible

So Mountain Gaps from MD Rt 17

Power - crossing Catoctin Mountain into Middletown Valley

Power comes over Catoctin Mountain

Knoxville cemetery one mile east of South Mountain Gap on Maryland side of Potomac

Knoxville, MD cemetary

Just east of Brownsville Gap at South Mountain, 10 miles from Harpers Ferry

Farm at Browsville Gap

War correspondents memorial at Crampton's Gap

Memorial to War Correspondents, Crampton's Gap, MD

Antietam re-enactors - Summer 2008 (FUJI 9000)

Re-enactors fire cannon at Antietam

Sunset at Rogue's Hollow Farm, VA

Sunset at Rogue's Hollow Farm near Leesburg