The roof project: just some stuff I put together for family

Shots 1-7 are ones of the roof as it looked when we bought the house. (click on any individual picture to get a large version) There are a number of issues. Missing slates, defects that were covered up with tar, mis-matched red replacement slates that were not cut to fit and that were of a different type (these were taken from the garage roof which was replaced with asphalt shingle). The worst aspect of this work is seen in the little bright shiny tabs visible at the bottom of each replaced slate as seen in pic #002. This is the worst possible technique for attaching a replacement slate - it's just a thin, long strip of sheet metal which is tacked under the shingle to the board underneath; the shingle is then slid into place and the end of the sheet metal strip is folded up and over the end of the shingle to hold it up. This is problematic for many reasons beyond aesthetic considerations. The sheet metal strips are not strong, and in ice storms and snow, the accumulated ice on the roof becomes very heavy and can easily cause the protruding tab to bend back letting the shingle fall out - not good.

I found a lot of information on slate roofs at the website and through that site found my contractor, Ron Kugel of Slateworks in Evans City, PA. That's him on the roof in pics 8-19, and the results of his work  in pics 20-27. He took care of every issue described above: he replaced all broken, cracked, and mis-matched slate with Virginia gray slate from his own inventory, all the tar was removed, and replacement slates were attached by the superior nail and bib technique which you can learn about on the website - I was able to send him the pictures of the problems I had and he gave me an estimate by e-mail after viewing the pictures. His complete bill including travel time from north of Pittsburgh was just under $2000, exactly what he'd estimated - not bad to restore a stone roof that will probably outlive me. Oh yes, and he also repaired the damaged fascia board while he was up there.

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